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Thank you for choosing our puppies! Our contract outlines the terms and conditions of the sale to ensure the well of our puppies and your satisfaction as a new owner. Please read it carefully and contact us if you have any questions.

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Puppy Adoption Form

Mohnton, PA 19540 United States



This contract is between Stony Meadow Farm, LLC (“Breeder” or “Stony Meadow Puppies”) at Mohnton, PA 19540 and ___________________________________________________ at __________________________________________________________________________________ (buyer address) (“Buyer”).  This contract is entered into on ____________________ (date) and pertains to “______________________” a Male/Female   F1 Mini Bernedoodle / F1b Mini Goldendoodle born on _______________________ sired by ________________________________________________ and dammed by Stony Meadow Farm’s Mia / Piper Leigh.

Written notices may be sent to the mailing addresses listed above for Buyer or Breeder or as otherwise authorized below:

Buyer email address: ___________________________________

Breeder email address:


We strive to make sure that any adoption is a perfect fit for you and your puppy!

All puppies are sold with a two year conditional guarantee:


1. To have puppy examined within 14 days after leaving possession of Breeder by a licensed veterinarian to validate this guarantee. If there are any concerns, Buyer agrees to contact Breeder within 48 hours. If the puppy is returned due to illness, a verified letter from the veterinarian is required.

2. The puppy is not being purchased for resale and will never be sold to a pet shop, puppy mill, or

agent of same.

3. The Buyer is responsible for any costs associated with transportation of the puppy.

4.  The puppy is a mixed breed canine and is not currently eligible for registration through AKC or ACA.

5. To provide all annual vet exams, to continue all required vaccines as recommended by their vet

and proper vet care. It is important the puppy has all puppy vaccines, and their yearly boosters.

Failure to comply with and provide documentation of these requirements voids all guarantees.

6. Buyer agrees to provide adequate housing away from the elements. Buyer will have a fenced in

yard or kennel if the dog will be housed outside. Your dog will NEVER be left on a chain. The

buyer will groom, train, and care for this dog in the manner consistent with high quality animal


7. Buyer agrees to never place their mini doodle in a shelter, pound, research laboratory or similar facility.

8.  Buyer agrees that if they are ever unable to care for their mini doodle they will actively seek a good new home and/or contact the Breeder to assist with re-homing their mini doodle.

9. Breeding Rights:

Buyer understands and agrees that this Mini Doodle is being sold only as a pet and may not be bred without prior approval by Breeder. Unless otherwise approved, the Mini Doodle shall be fixed or spayed by a veterinarian at the earliest safe time to do so (approximately 18 months of age).

It is a material breach of this agreement for the buyer to fail to fix the canine on or before 18 months of date of birth. If the Mini Doodle is not fixed and subsequently has offspring without approval of the Breeder, Buyer understands and agrees to pay damages to Breeder in the amount of the actual sale price of any offspring or $10,000 whichever is greater (whether sold by buyer or a third party).

10. The value of the pet for the purpose of this guarantee is solely the original purchase price of the

pet, and does not include any additional prices declared by the buyer, such as a show dog,

or shipping fees.

11. This agreement shall be deemed and consummated in the county of Lancaster, Pennsylvania and

should be governed by the laws of the state of Pennsylvania.



1. Breeder guarantees that the puppy has had proper care to date of release to Buyer. The Puppy has received it's first vaccines and been de-wormed. Vaccine records will be furnished at the time of purchase. If the puppy is being shipped a copy of the vaccine and health records will be mailed to new owner.

2. If within 14 days of receiving the puppy and he/she is examined by a reputable veterinarian and the

health of the puppy is found to be at risk due to a congenital defect (existing at birth), owner shall

notify breeder and provide a written statement from a licensed vet describing puppy's condition and shall return the puppy and papers to the Breeder within three days of the examination. The Breeder has the right to have the puppy examined by their vet to confirm congenital defect. Provided the puppy is in the same condition mentally and physically as when originally purchased the Breeder will replace puppy with puppy of equal value at Breeder’s convenience, or if Buyer chooses to keep said puppy the Breeder will reimburse medication or vet expenses for said pre-existing condition up to and not to exceed the purchase price for the puppy.  All expenses must be reasonable and customary for the diagnosis made and the diagnosis may be subject to a second opinion at the Breeder’s discretion prior to any reimbursement. This does not include worms, fleas, mites, coccidia, giardia, or any other parasites as they are common in dogs and puppies.  If the puppy is covered by a pet insurance policy, only those costs related to the genetic disorder, that are not paid for by the insurance policy, will be reimbursed. If the puppy is not examined by a licensed veterinarian within the 14-day period following the puppy leaving the possession of the Breeder, this warranty and the entirety of its contents will be null and void.

3. Breeder is not responsible if puppy contracts a communicable disease after leaving Breeder's


4. Breeder guarantees puppy against any congenital defect causing death of or making necessary

euthanasia until two years of age.

5. Breeder offers two-year hips guarantee on any puppy found to have severely affected

hip dysplasia. The following applies: The puppy must have a new x-ray by Buyer's veterinarian to

confirm the diagnosis and it must be documented by an official OFA preliminary consultation.

6. Upon receipt of a letter to Breeder from a reputable veterinarian stating that in his/her opinion this

condition is congenital, puppy will be replaced by a puppy of equal value at Breeder's

convenience. We reserve the right to have a second opinion from our veterinarian. We also

reserve the right to acquire DNA to determine the dog or puppy as one of our lineages.

7. Breeder does not guarantee color, size, championship, or temperament of any puppy.


To be covered by this guarantee, the following conditions need to apply:


• Puppy must be owned by original owner named in this agreement.

• In the case of the sudden demise of puppy, Breeder must receive a written notice of puppy's death

from owner's vet, along with a necropsy report indicating cause of death.



This guarantee is non-transferable. The puppy must be in good physical condition. No replacement will

be given if dog has been bred (before one year of age). A licensed veterinarian must do all laboratory

verifications. The Buyer/Owner is responsible for all transportation costs to and from the Breeder. The

Breeder is not responsible for any and all veterinarian expenses accumulated on returned or replaced dog or puppy.



1. Allowing your dog to become obese or underfed at any time.

a. Underfed: ribs are highly visible

b. Ideal Body Condition: Can feel and see outline of ribs. Dog has waist when viewed from

above. Belly is tucked when view from the side.

c. Overfed has no waist when viewed from above. Belly is rounded when viewed from the side.

2. Evidence of neglect or abuse.

3. Previous related trauma (broken bones, related injuries, etc.)

4. Feeding this dog anything other than a premium quality dog food.

6. Evidence of strenuous exercise – for example: No treadmill, no extensive standing on back of legs

or excessive tennis ball/frisbee chasing and retrieving should be done – especially on slippery


• No guarantees expressed or implied, are given by Andee Martin the seller, except those

stated herein.

• Seller warrants that she is the lawful owner of this puppy and is responsible for entering into this

contract with the Buyer. The Buyer has read and understands the forgoing and agrees that all parts

constitutes the entire agreement of the parties hereto with respect to sale described.

• This warranty will be signed during pick up or before shipment of puppy.


IN WITNESS WHEREOF, Breeder and Buyer have signed this contract as of the date set forth above.


Stony Meadow Farm LLC.


Member, Andee Martin





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