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Getting Ready for Puppy

In order to make the transition to your home go smoother, I wanted to offer a list of items that would be helpful to have before you take your puppy home. If you plan on purchasing some of these items on Amazon we would appreciate if you used our links found on our document.  They are at no additional charge to you and greatly help our breeding program!

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​Crate- I recommend getting a wire crate with removable tray until your puppy is potty trained then you can splurge on a nicer crate if you’d like.
Mini doodles (25-40 pounds): 36 inches
Medium doodles (40-70 lbs): 36-42 inches
If you have room 48 inches is great because doodles like to stretch out like frogs.
I also recommend the Precision brand because it has 2 doors for additional versatility, removeable tray, and a divider to adjust the size as your puppy grows. I've also heard other brands have had their plastic trays crack and are pricey to replace. 


Bowls- Stainless steel bowls with slow feeder option. The tray is also great as doodles tend to get water in their beards and drip water and it has a bonus lick pad.

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Leash and Collar

Leash and Collar

Collar and Leash- its a great idea to get your puppy used to a collar at a young age. I recommend a 8-10" collar for 8 week old mini goldendoodles and a 10-13" collar for 8 week old mini Bernedoodles. These are a great option because they are easily adjustable, have neoprene padding, and reflective threads.


Harness - I recommend getting a harness when you are training your puppy to walk on a leash so they aren't pulling on their neck.
8 -10 week old mini Bernedoodle - 14-18" chest girth
8-10 week old mini Goldendoodle - 12-16" chest girth

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Identification Tag

Identification Tag- id tag with name and number. These engraved tags hold up well and have lots of color, shape, and size available.

Crate Bedding

Crate Bedding- These mats are nice. They are easy to remove and wash and dry quickly and have a non-slip rubber back.

crate bedding
puppy food

Puppy Food

Puppy Food- We recommend TLC dog food. Its what we feed our dogs and your puppy will be going home with a small bag. TLC dog food has highly concentrated meat-based proteins as the first two ingredients. Free of artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives. They are an online company and offer free shipping right to your door.

Odor Eliminator

Odor emilinator- While we do what we can to help reduce accidents they still happen and this spray is great at eliminating the odor .

deodorizing spray

Dog Shampoo

Puppy Shampoo- This shampoo is a great gentle tear-free shampoo for puppies.  Doodle puppies need to be washed 1-2 times/ month or "as needed".


Detangler Spray- "THE STUFF" is AMZAZING at keeping your doodle's hair silky, repelling dirt, and helping detangle doodle hair.  Spray it on after their bath or while your brushing them and it will help and work through any matts.  I love this stuff!

the stuff

Brush and Comb

Brush and Comb - A slicker brush with long pins and metal comb to help control doodle coat and remove under coat.

Clipper and Combs

Clipper and Combs- if you’re planning on doing your own grooming I really like my Andis clipper and comb set



Vitamins- I recommend giving your puppy vitamins to help boost their immune system, support their joints, and keep them healthy. I give Nuvet to my dogs and have started to give your puppy Nuvet. i recommend ordering Nuvet before you pick up your puppy so you have it when you take your puppy home. Order access code: 288495

Dog Donut

Dog Bed- This donut is a soft place for your puppy to feel calm and safe.

dog donut
bully sticks

Bully Sticks

Bully Sticks- Bully sticks are a great high quality treat for crates or dog beds. No raw hides!

Training Treats

Training Treats- Training treats are great to help with potty training, basic commands, and crate training.

dog treats
dog lead

Training Leash

​Training Leash- a training leash 15-30 ft long. These are great for recall, fetch, and other training applications.

Seatbelt Harness

Seat Belt Harness- These seatbelt harnesses are great to help restrain your dog so they aren’t a distraction and keep them safe if you need to make a sudden stop.

seat belt

Training Leash

​Training Leash- a training leash 15-30 ft long. These are great for recall, fetch, and other training applications.

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