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"Super Dog"
Bio-Sensory Program

The Bio-Sensor program was developed by the U.S. military canine program in an effort to improve performance of dogs used for military purposes.  After years of research the military learned that early neurological stimulation can have lasting effects on puppies.  The program involves a series of steps performed from days 3-16 of life.  Each puppy is handled one at a time once a day and taken through 5 different exercises.

1. Tactile Stimulation: Handler tickles pup between the toes with a Q-Tip 
2. Head held erect:  Handler holds pup straight up and down for 3-5 seconds
3. Head pointed down: Handler holds pup with head towards the ground for 3-5 seconds
4. Supine Position: Handler holds pup with it's back resting in the palm of their hands with the muzzle facing the ceiling for 3-5 seconds.
5.  Thermal Stimulation: Handler uses a damp towel that has been cooled in a refrigerator to wrap around pup for 3-5 seconds.

There are multiple benefits to this program including
1. Improved cardiovascular performance
2. Stronger heart beats
3. Stronger adrenal glands
4. More tolerance to stress
5. Greater resistance to disease

Puppies that were put through this program have tested to be more active and exploratory than their non-stimulated litter mates. Our puppies are also introduced to common household sounds such as children playing, vacuum cleaners, and other dogs barking.  We have four small children so our puppies will also get lots of attention from young children!

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